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FreeFixer 0.70
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FreeFixer 0.70

Platform:Vista, Windows
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

FreeFixer - FreeFixer is an anti-malware program helping you to remove potentially unwanted software, such as rootkits, spyware, adware, trojans and viruses. FreeFixer scans locations on your machine where unwanted software has a documented record of appearing or leaving traces. The scan locations include your home page settings, the processes running on your computer, the programs that starts when you reboot your computer, the HOSTS file, your Internet Explorer browser plug-ins, etc. FreeFixer will also try to detect rootkits - programs that are using hiding techniques. FreeFixer does not know which the unwanted settings and files are, so the scan result will most likely contain many files and settings you want to keep and perhaps a few that you prefer to delete, so it's up to you to decide. Please be careful, if you delete a legitimate file or setting you may damage your machine. To help you decide if anything should be deleted you can find additional information at FreeFixer's web site for the items in the scan result. For example, you can see what other FreeFixer users did in the same situation.

List of Changes:

Version 0.70 from 2012-11-15

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Version 0.69 from 2012-11-05

Various improvements for the 64-bit version. Bug fixes. For details:

Version 0.68 from 2012-10-22

Minor improvements in the FreeFixer log and the Internet Explorer toolbar plugin. Improved error reporting when creation of the Microsoft browser control fails.

Version 0.67 from 2012-10-09

The 64-bit version of FreeFixer will now list 32-bit Internet Explorer Browser Helper Objects.
Fixed "Entry Point Not Found" bug that appeared on Windows 2000.

Version 0.66 from 2012-10-02

The 64-bit version of FreeFixer will now list 32-bit Internet Explorer toolbars.
Changed how FreeFixer sets the SeDebugPrivilege privilege, to allow it to run inside the Sanboxie environment.

Version 0.65 from 2012-09-19

Fixed bug where the ServicePlugin and DriverPlugin reported WOW64 service/driver files as missing. Fixed bug where the DriverPlugin did not list the drivers with the FILE_SYSTEM_DRIVER type. Other minor bug fixes.

Version 0.64 from 2012-09-06

FreeFixer now supports Windows 8 Consumer and Release Preview. Increased the file upload limit to 2 MB. Bug fixes.

Version 0.63 from 2012-07-23

FreeFixer now replace the user name and computer name with %USERNAME% and %COMPUTERNAME% in files and folders when these are sent to the server. Improved error reporting when file unlocking fails.

Version 0.62 from 2012-05-25

Fixed bug where the scan under some conditions never completed due to a deadlock. Fixed bug where the BootExecute plugin did not take into account that the BootExecute registry key can contain absolute paths.

Version 0.61 from 2012-02-07

Fixed bug where version information did not get extracted from some files. Added additional companies to FreeFixer's green list.

Version 0.60 from 2011-10-16

FreeFixer now runs on the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Version 0.59 from 2011-08-06

FreeFixer now scans the csrss.exe virtual memory. The upload file size limit has been increased from 1 MB to 1.5 MB.

Version 0.52 from 2010-01-25

FreeFixer now scans Autorun.inf files and the following registry settings: NoChangingWallpaper, NoActiveDesktopChanges, NoSetActiveDesktop and Wallpaper settings. Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.51 from 2010-01-11

FreeFixer now scans the Windows Security Providers. Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.50 from 2009-12-10

Improved support for FreeFixer as a portable application. More companies added to FreeFixer's trusted list. Files signed by a trusted company will appear in green in the scan result. Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.49 from 2009-11-11

FreeFixer now tracks the changes it does to the registry and the file system. These changes are reported in the end of the FreeFixer log, located under 'History'. Added settings to enable and disable scan locations. Bug fixes.

Version 0.48 from 2009-10-23

FreeFixer now support third-party definitions to detect malware.
Many small improvements throughout the codebase to properly handle low memory conditions.

Version 0.47 from 2009-09-28

FreeFixer now scans the Shell settings. Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.46 from 2009-09-16

Bugfixes in FreeFixer's parsing and extraction of icons from scanned executables.

Version 0.45 from 2009-09-09

FreeFixer now catches critical errors in the application and offers the possibility to send a dump file
to the server. Minor bugfixes.

Version 0.44 from 2009-08-18

Added a settings tab in FreeFixer's user interface. Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.42 from 2009-07-13

FreeFixer now scans the most recently created or modified files
and Mozilla Firefox extensions.

Version 0.41 from 2009-06-29

FreeFixer now scans the Windows XP Firewall Authorized Applications. This version can
also unlock files locked by other processes.

Version 0.40 from 2009-05-20

Fixed a severe flaw in the malware removal code which under some circumstances could
cause another item than the one the user selected to be removed.

Version 0.39 from 2009-05-11

Added support for Windows 7 RC1. FreeFixer now correctly displays file and registry information for all languages - Characters from languages such as Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic and Japanese should no longer cause any problems.

Version 0.38 from 2009-04-20

FreeFixer will now whitelist files from trusted software publishers, such Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec, TrendMicro, etc.
The trusted files will appear with a green background in the scan result without the delete option.

Version 0.37 from 2009-04-07

FreeFixer now scans the Terminal Server AutoRuns.
Improved the scan for files that have the same name as legitimate system files.

Version 0.36 from 2009-03-27

Fixed bug in the user interface HTML generator and the log generation code

Version 0.35 from 2009-03-25

FreeFixer now verifies the files' digital signature and that the certificate chain ends in a trusted root.

Version 0.34 from 2009-03-10

FreeFixer now scans the BootExecute registry setting. FreeFixer now supports Windows Server 2008.

Version 0.33 from 2009-02-23

FreeFixer now supports Windows Vista 32-bit.

Version 0.32 from 2009-02-12

Fixed bug where FreeFixer was unable to modify a read-only HOSTS file.

Version 0.31 from 2009-02-02

Fixed bug where FreeFixer was unable to extract properties from files lacking a translation table.

Version 0.30 from 2009-01-21

FreeFixer now scans the Shell Service registry setting. To reduce the noice in the log file, FreeFixer now ignores URLs pointing to for the Start Page, Search Page, Default_Page_URL and Default_Search_URL settings.

Version 0.29 from 2009-01-12

FreeFixer now scans the NtLoad Startups registry setting.

Version 0.28 from 2009-01-05

Fixed bug related to FreeFixer handling of malformed icon resources.

Version 0.27 from 2007-02-11

FreeFixer now scans the SharedShedulers setting.


Remove trojans, adware, spyware and viruses.

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File Size: 2.1 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Danwilljon 2010-10-21 18:49:56 #
Version: 0.52

i could not get it to load came up with some error running win7 pro george

Orionfly 2009-05-18 19:49:52 #
Version: 0.39

Hello, FreeFixer guys,
I want to say that am very disappointed with your program...
I had trouble to get rid of one small rootkit program, which was hard to delete.
When I run FreeFixer 0.39 it found 26 bad guys.
Among them it shows also windows files which it says was empty and therefore I decided to delete it using your software.
After that grave decision I lost my startup in windows xp and comp was not working.

After all, before that fatefull move, I did try to delete that rootkit and it still was there in windows registry.

I had no other choice as to reinstall Win XP!!!
I lost all my works and everything, which was not saved to other media.
I didn't expect this shit to happen...
I think that your product is far from being reliable and safe, sorry to say that.

Mad user.

Mr.P 2009-05-13 20:37:37 #
Version: 0.39

Mr.P here,
FreeFixer, well, it may be the kind of program for some, but although it is a fair software, I have no need for it. It would probably be a great software for Developers.

Levipembroke 2008-10-21 02:59:16 #
Version: 0.27


Great program! Easy to install and super easy to use. Would definetley recommend it.

Bobcorbett 2008-09-01 18:38:55 #
Version: 0.27

Amstrea. Dll.

Hi I was trying to clean the file amstrea.dll from mt system32 directory but this file seems to have attached itself to explerer.exe and I don't know how to get rid of it as it keeps reappearing.

zany 2008-03-07 23:11:09 #
Version: 0.27

XMMC computer rescues it from virus.

Free to help people who surf the net who can't buy programs your a life saver in this arena.

Download Now
File Size: 2.1 Mb